Here Is a Toast………. To Toastmasters Everywhere!! ( but who are they and can I afford one for my wedding?)



You probably know of a toastmaster from previous weddings you have been to. You like the way they organise a crowd, have a loud confident voice and have impeccable timing. They are also known as the master of ceremonies. They can keep guests in check and do careful nudging of the Bride and Groom towards the next thing on their wedding.


There are a range of toastmasters to use, some belong to accredited associations, others don’t. Sometimes you might even have a family member who would be perfect in the role, but remember the ones who do it professionally are trained and do it day in/day out- they have the experience whereas your family member might not.


You may be looking for a specific toastmaster who has certain expertise in things, such as Asian Weddings or Jewish Weddings, you might want them to speak Espanol or able to speak Greek.  Google is your friend to search to find a specific toastmaster



So why use a toastmaster? Well a toastmaster tries to make sure your wedding day runs smoothly, ensuring everyone should be where they should be on, on time. They will also make announcements and ensure meeting and greeting of yourselves and guests. Usually this will free up your “ best man “ or close confidant who normally may do these roles.


How To Choose?


Choosing a toastmaster can be hard with quite a few choices out there, so here is our handy list:


  1. Choose someone based on a recommendation, or someone you have seen at a previous wedding that you have enjoyed
  2. Speak to them on the phone, how do they come across? Did you build rapport easily with them?
  3. Are they available?
  4. What experience do they have?
  5. Any specialist skills, i.e. languages?
  6. How much will they cost? Are they in your budget?
  7. Are they a member of a professional organisation?
  8. What happens if they are ill or unable to make it on the day, can they arrange a backup?
  9. Once decided, sit down with them and agree on the order of events, what should be said, shouldn’t be said. Check what they will wear on the day.
  10. Check they have appropriate insurance.


Where Can I Find One?


There are various professional companies and bodies out there who can assist you finding one to meet your needs:


For the London area


English Toastmasters Association


Alive Network


The Association Of The UK School Of Toastmasters


Warble Entertainment


However there are also individual speakers who you can enquire directly with


Michael Wall- Sheffield Toastmaster-


Richard C Jackson-Birmingham Toastmaster


Paul Buckley- West Lothian-


Sonal Dave-Kensington and Chelsea-


Raaj Shamji  –


Colin Burton –


However maybe you are looking for a specific toastmaster with specific experience, again use google search to find exactly who you are looking for.

Also attend wedding fayres and also national events like the UK Wedding Show and the Asian Wedding Show are a good place to meet face to face with suppliers.



The cost can vary based on the person you are hiring, their hours, location etc. Also remember you should have a budget- so you know what you can afford.

Remember though some venues will provide the toastmaster free of charge- so make sure you ask at the time of booking. However prices can vary from £150.00 to £500.00 and even more.


Useful Links:


Hitched have a useful link on finding a toastmaster

One Fab Day have a useful wedding budget advice page

Even ourselves at explosion of dreams have a useful article on how to save money for your wedding day


So all in all, hopefully you now know how to find your perfect toastmaster for your wedding knw the questions to ask and also how to hunt down your perfect one.

If you do hire someone, it’ll take a little less stress away from the day itself.


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