Nikah-Legality Of Marriage

A Nikah is a Muslim wedding ceremony whereby a contract is signed. With Muslim Marriages, they should be :

Announced publicly

And Not Undertaken behind closed doors


However if the Nikah ceremony is held in England unless legally registered in a civil ceremony then the marriage is not valid.

It is estimated 100,000 Muslim women are in marriages whereby they may not be legally recognised as married.

The Guardian Newspaper highlighted a recent court-case where this was the case:

If you have married under Sharia Law in another country, it is important to find out if this marriage is legal under UK Law.

Remember being married legally entitles both parties legal and financial security.

Muslim News also have a useful article on this issue


Steps To Take


  • You should get your marriage legally declared, usually this would be through a civil ceremony.
  • You should seek legal advice if you are unsure what your next steps are
  • Also let your friends know as this is not always known about in the wider community.c
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