How To Beat Those Pre-Wedding Nerves

You wake up in the morning, you don’t feel yourself. You feel nervous and anxious, unfortunately taking a dram of whisky is not an option. You are about to embark on the biggest endeavour of your life so far, you said yes and time has gone so quickly. You haven’t been able to think straight and now your heart is racing, butterflies in your stomach and you think of all of the what if’s?


Ok, stop thinking for a moment.


Clear your mind, concentrate on the present. This is going the best time of your life, memories will be created. Your greatest dreams are about to be achieved.


Let’s look at some help out there:


Here is a useful youtube video by Dr Jo, on breathing techniques to reduce your stress and anxiety




Forbes has useful six tips on reducing nervousness


Here are our tips to help you


  • You have done as much as you can do, this is now the moment to enjoy it all. You are the rockstar, it is time to let your hair down.
  • Pack It All Up-Think of everything worrying you, close your eyes, project everything into your hand and then open your hand away, getting rid of all those worries.
  • Make sure your friends are there to give you moral support but also for them to know when it is time to leave you alone to give you some peace
  • Assign checking upon your suppliers to your close friend, so they can check everything is in place
  • Write a list before the big day to make sure everything is covered.
  • Deliberately smile, it brings out your happy emotions
  • Watch your favourite comedy clip on your mobile phone, this will make you laugh
  • Look forward to seeing all your friends and family, picture their smiles, their hugs and kisses.
  • Don’t drink alcohol, whilst it may relax you, it might make you dehydrated.
  • Focus on the reason you are getting married, remember the time you fell in Love? Hopefully these thoughts will relax you.
  • On the Morning of your marriage, make sure you have your breakfast, it’ll give you energy for the day and will help to add a sense of normality in your day to keep you a little grounded
  • To help you relax, make sure you have an emergency supply of things you’d normally take for granted, scissors, safety pins, sewing materials, make-up brushes, paracetamol. Even spare underwear.
  • Put some music on that helps you relax and hey why not have a little dance with your Bridal group?
  • Practice breathing techniques ( watch the Youtube video above)
  • Make sure your wedding shoes are comfortable enough, wear them in a little beforehand if needed
  • Make contact with your wedding planning, so it sets your mind at rest
  • Take some selfies, add some filters, have some light-hearted moments.
  • Open a window or take some fresh air, it’ll help soothe you
  • Keep in the present moment.
  • Have a trial with your make up artist or hair stylist before, so you are not worrying.
  • Preparation, have a calendar marked up beforehand so you know everything is done, checked and sorted. Then its huge relief off your mind when your special day arrives

I hope these tips help you, enjoy it, have fun!


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