Asian Wedding Trends 2020

Latest Trends of Asian Weddings in 2020– Makeup and Fashion

A dream wedding is the biggest celebration of anyone’s’ life, and every detail of it needs to be splendid and elegant. One of the most essential parts of the wedding is the Wedding Outfits. Every girl wants to look the best on her wedding day. She wants her man would be fall in love all again when he looks at her.

Around three decades back, the whole concept of Asian weddings was utterly different from the contemporary. If we talk about the Silks, Hindu and Muslims weddings, brides used to wear traditional suits with hardly any makeup on her face… The brides have to wear a veil also. But now the whole concept of makeup and fashion trends of Asian weddings has been changed. Brides are much obsessed with their look on their wedding day. It’s 2020, and new fashion trends are making a foray into the wedding season like never before. The Asian wedding fashion has dramatic turnover from the last few decades; it has become an exciting change in terms of unique lehengas, aesthetics and color schemes. Modernism has influenced the Asian wedding; weddings are grand and majestic. Bride and groom are the star attraction of weddings. Even the bride has a unique grand entrance, on her wedding, that why she wants to look the best.

If we talk about the Sikh, Hindu or Muslim weddings, there is a little variation in all the three; a Sikh wedding celebrated at Gurdwara, it’s of utmost importance that a bride must wear something that looks graceful as well as comfortable and of course, it needs to be synced with the latest trends. Several Sikh brides opt for salwar kameez for the Gurudwara wedding over lehengas. That is what makes them unique from other brides.

Sikh brides are always inspiring with their decadent outfits, elegant and beautiful jewellery. Their style is unique and diverse from other brides maybe that is the reason they are a source of inspiration for many. Along with that, a bride wears a set of bangles, which is called Choora, it represents that you are taken. That goes beautiful with the bridal dress. Initially, it comes in red and white bangles, but with the changing trends, the Choora is available in different colors, even brides wear a matching choora with their dress. Generally there is no one particular kind of makeup that Sikh brides go for.

The Hindu brides typically wear a Lehenga (common colors being red, pink but silver, white blue etc.)… The brides opt for creative floral buns, minimal hairdos and matching seasonal flowers. They are also making a floral tiara setting up some beautiful headwear goals. The Hindu wedding makeup is a piece of art which is a dream of every bride, a makeup that makes them feel natural. In Hindu weddings, the other side to this is that it is a sign of marriage, while men don’t have to display in any way that they are not, at this point accessible, the ladies are required to wear chudda, mangalsutra or sindoor.

For a Muslim bride, the eye makeup is an essential part of the look. As the bride is supposed to be shy and sit with her eyes looking down most of the time, a lot of importance is laid on the eyes to make them look gorgeous and attractive.

Dependent upon the theme and colors were chosen for the venue, the bride to be would make sure that her wedding outfit would also reflect this in its full glory.
Asian Brides are also going for the traditional white and creams for their registry office weddings, with a reflection of the west in the shape and style of the outfits. The lenghas are shaped to the bride’s body shape, and most popular is the fishtail cut.

Asian women of today are taking more control of what they want on their special day, and they have become choosy with their makeup and dresses as everyone will want to see them dressed as a Princess for the Day because their wedding day shall always be a true memory of a lifetime.

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