Covid-19 And Weddings

Covid-19 and the impact on weddings


It certainly is turbulent times at the moment and future married couples are finding their plans in disarray due to the restrictions in place. Some venues and offering full refunds, some offering a future date and some not doing either.


It is the same with photographers, some are not able to reschedule to your new dates.


It is also a legal minefield, with different information being banded about on Social Media and in the news. It can all seem so confusing.


CMA Response


Competition and Markets Authority advised on the 30th Apri lthat they had identified Weddings and Private Events are of particular concern to them in respect of complaints.


The CMA do expect a full refund to be offered if:


  • a business has cancelled a contract without providing any of the promised goods or services
  • no service is provided by a business, because this is prevented by restrictions that apply during the current lockdown or
  • a consumer cancels, or is prevented from receiving any services, because of the restrictions that apply during the current lockdown

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The Government has also issued further advice here


Non-Refundable Deposit


Which advises in this article this is not always legally binding  from their useful article here:


Business Response


On any given day, cash is king for a business, it needs it to function and cover fixed costs. It is a legal quagmire for them too, each of these businesses is likely to be receiving independent legal advice and that is why different venues are dealing with bookings in different ways. There will be trade associations out there, for example for wedding photographers there is




If you feel aggrieved by a photographers response, then see if they are a member of any such organisation and contact them.

For other related wedding associations: National Association Of Wedding Professionals Association Of Event Venues


Public Relations

A business owner will be trying to keep their business afloat, manage customers and also seem to be doing a good thing. Therefore public relations will be important- as if it was handled incorrectly could make the business suffer in the long term.


The business should hopefully be trying to do the right thing both legally and morally. However unfortunately some businesses will be acting in an unscrupulous way.




If you are not happy regarding something, keep calm. It is easy to get irate and lose your cool on correspondence. However contact the supplier directly if unhappy. Await their full and final response.

Also contact your wedding insurance providers.

Speak to Trading Standards, citizens advice bureau and the CMA if needed.

You may even need to go to the small claims court if the business owner flatly refuses to deal with you.


Legal Advice

Independent legal advice is always good if you have a specific legal issue, if you cannot afford a solicitor then look online from official sources for useful information, do not rely on forums and social media posts.


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