Asian Wedding Stages

I was thinking the other day after watching some YouTube videos, how many of the weddings featured a stage of some description. I decided to do a little research because I personally was clueless as to why a stage is used at all.




A sight you often see at Asian Weddings are stages, propelling the bride and groom in the spotlight. There is an obvious reason for this and this is because due to there usually being so many guests at a wedding, it makes it easier to see the festivities from wherever you are sat. Next comes that traditionally with certain celebrations and weddings the whole of the celebrations focus around the stage, and usually the celebration will take its cue from the stage itself, it’s very important for it to be made personable. Presentation of the couple going to a joint life together is important. If the stage was drab, unlit and lacked atmosphere- it would not be a good omen for the couple. Therefore the more bright, personalized and decorated stage, it nicely adds to the fairytale romantic story that so many families desire for their loved ones. This is a send off to the couple and surely you’d want your best friend or loved one to have the best send off to the next chapter in their lives.




Not only is there the stage to consider, it’s also important to find accessories to go with the stage, from lighting, to decorations and backdrops. A good quality stage provider should be able to provide all the accessories you need.




Mehndi, Walima’s, Nikkah’s are all celebrations whereby a stage could be hired and used. However stages are not exclusive to the Asian Wedding market and can be hired and used and dressed appropriately according to your needs. It is important to write the list of your requirements down and present these to the supplier, to see what they can provide to you. Ensure you get a written quote too.




In this video below you can see  use of the stage to lift the main focus above ground enabling a good vantage point.





There are a range of suppliers out there, but it is important to find a reputable one, one that is recommended to you, that will provide you with what is quoted and also ensure safety. Here are a few suppliers in the United Kingdom which you may find useful in beginning your search. It is also worth asking at the venue as they may have links with suppliers that can be called upon.  When you review the websites check out their website design, have they invested to make their website look good as this may give an indication on the quality they can provide to you. Does the company provide an address, is there a telephone number for them, are they on social media websites? Are there reviews on trustpilot for them? Do they seem polite in their correspondence with you?


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