Sibling Rivalry


Your sister Heena had an extravagant wedding a few years ago and here you are trying to scrape together those pennies to make it a little bit better than your Sisters. Why? Sibling rivalry, when you were younger, she got the perfume making set and you got the second hand rocking horse, the battle lines were drawn.


Ever since, even in your teenage years- there used to be arguments about Sarees and which sibling had dabs on it first.


Arguments over hairspray, jewellery and makeup though soon dwindled out when you both became young adults.


You’ve gotta show your sister that you still know a thing or two about weddings and that just because you are last in the house to be wed- saving the suffering of your mother who has been waiting for the day with baited breath to get you into wedlock, that you are ready to be married.


They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery but you don’t want to be an exact copy of your sister’s wedding, that would just show no imagination and flair.


It’s Up To You now, deep breath in. You can do this.


You other half fancies an Asian Fusion wedding, bringing in some western elements into a traditional Asian Wedding.


Whatever wedding you decide, you have got to find what you want.


Banqueting Halls

For sure, there are banqueting Halls– but these tend to be in the larger cities such as London, Birmingham, Manchester. So will another venue cut the mustard and make you say yes, can they cope with the large numbers expected?



There are many wedding transport options out there, though would it be cheaper to hire a nice car and use that- especially if multiple trips are required?



Try and shop for clothes as early as possible, especially if alterations are going to be needed.


Wedding Decorations

Before you shop and get lost in the quagmire of options, think about exactly what you want then go searching for it, hopefully it doesn’t involve the world’s rarest diamond- as that might push your costs up.



Large banqueting halls are used to laying on the food and waiting staff but venues not used to Asian Weddings may struggle so make sure whoever you use, they are well prepped and resourced for your events.


A Dj, A Dhol Drummer, Bollywood dancing?  The choice again is yours, figure out what is best, what will create the mood and then book it.


Although you do have rivalry with your sister, it’s not an all out war, it’s time for love and happiness and I am sure your sister will have pride of place.

Plan your wedding carefully and call on your help from your friends and family.

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