No Kids At My Wedding?


Are you getting married and wondering whether you should invite children to your wedding or not? Well, in this article, we are going to highlight both sides of this never-ending debate.

Why you should invite kids to your wedding?

If we think about it, kids undoubtedly make cute “flower girls” and “ring bearer boys” at weddings. They can also contribute to distribute mass books, favors on a tray, exit toss packets, and program handouts. Clearly, everyone loves kids and cannot resist them. So, guests also feel warm and courteous on being received by beautiful little kinds. Besides, inviting kids to a wedding can be a big relief for parents because they will not have to worry about finding a caretaker for them while they will be away. Sometimes weddings can be serious and boring, and kids can surely add a lightheartedness to the wedding.  Do you remember Prince Harry and Meghan’s wedding, where 10 cute kids served as page boys and bridesmaids? If yes, you might remember how adorable all wedding photos looked with kids in them. So, yeah! That’s another inevitable aspect of inviting kids to the wedding. Last but not least, you must want your kids to attend all the events so that they can observe and learn the wedding traditions of their family.

Why kids should not come to weddings?

However, there are many cons associated with inviting kids to a wedding. You will have to be cautious while organizing the event venue and menu. You will have to design the place child-friendly. There has to be a separate sitting area for kids. You will have to introduce some activities for them too, which can be a burden in case you are low on that. The menu also has to contain some food items of their interests. Besides, if you’re planning adult-only events, you may wanna rethink it because kids will be there too. Moreover, we all know that kids have their moods and tantrums. They are cute, but they can be monsters at times. They may not cooperate with the duties, and you will not have enough time to negotiate. Also, If your close friends have kids, and you invite them to your wedding, you must consider that their attention can divert towards looking after their kids and they may not be able to enjoy your special moments. Even if the parents offer to bring caretakers along with them, that will be another burden on your expenses because it will increase the number of guests.


In conclusion, iIt should be your choice but you should consider all pros and cons before making a final decision. After all, a wedding is the most important and special occasion of any one’s life and you definitely do not want to ruin by any means.




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