Asian Wedding Dances

If you search the internet, you’ll probably find a plethora of Asian Wedding Dances, usually consisting of the grooms party or the brides, or even both families.

However YouTube however has a range of videos, but it’d take you a good few years to go through all of them. So I’ve rounded up my favourite 10 videos!

  1.  This Video has high production values and certainly looks well choreographed.


2) The Husband certainly gets told in this dance who is boss for my second favourite

3) Whilst not all in unison, it certainly is fun for this Sangeet


4) Ok this one is not a wedding dance, but certainly the dancers are in synchronization- lively and fun.

5) With this performance, you certainly feel the love, an emotional story



6) A lot of rehearsal time must have been spent for this next one



7) Fun and Lively, I could certainly see myself in the middle of this with my camera


8) Every wedding should have an entry like this next one



9) This has to be one of my favourites, less production values than some of the other ones but comes across as genuine love and friendship



10 And finally but not certainly not last, a fun and entertaining one, a Bollywood battle.

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