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What To look For When Hiring a Wedding Photographer

A Wedding is once upon a time kind of  moment and the charm of the first one ( and hopefully last) is everlasting. Besides the groom and bride, the most important person is the wedding day photographer. Don’t forget why you ask someone to bring a camera because you want to have pictures to Remember. Pictures are the return tickets to the moment otherwise gone. The question is how to choose the best wedding photographer. Well, here are few qualities to search for when hiring a wedding day Photographer:

1.     Portfolio –Previous Work

The photographer you hire should be artistic enough to know how to take a single photo that speaks a thousand words. This is what photojournalism is. Photography is not just random clips. They must know all the angles, best locations, and possess professional equipment. Photography equipment is not cheap, and it requires skill and training to use them to the full potential.

Ask the person you are about to hire as your wedding photographer for work samples or some recent shoots. You can also ask about their work experience. If you get excited by the work, you can think of hiring them


As they say commitment is the key to success. The interest shown by the photographer can be the definition of how passionate they are about their work. Notice other details like how welcoming they are,  details they are explaining, the reaction on asking questions, and the overall attitude.

A wedding is not about the three of you. The photographer has to deal with your guests too, wherefore a slight attitude problem can be a flat tire for your wedding.


Your wedding photographer must understand individuals’ needs and requirements. They have to listen to what their client wants instead of what they want or how they want it to be. Suggestions should be welcomed, but imposing their thoughts on you is not an ideal characteristic you will be looking for in your wedding photographer.


Today is the time of social media and being online. Go visit their social media accounts or website (if they have one), read a few comments, see how people are rating their work and remarks of the couples they have worked with. If someone has referred you to them, then ask them why.


Hiring a wedding photographer is an investment you make, but the investment does not have to be out of your pocket. A higher price rate does not indicate perfection. An economical wedding photographer, offering the top services and has all the above-mentioned qualities, is a win-win situation.

What I recommend is that you take your time. Visit a few wedding photographers that you have heard of, or someone mentioned, or you came across by accident. Hire the one that fulfills the maximum of your requirements and never hesitate to try a new one. Because every master was a beginner at first.

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