Indian Wedding Preparation


No matter where you hail from,  or which religion you were born in, if you are an Indian Girl, you would have definitely dreamt of your lavish wedding day once in your lifetime! So, while your big day is fast approaching and you are anxiously digging out the wedding checklists prepared since ages, we would say – Relax Brides to be!! Here we come with a bag full of exhaustive yet interesting list of essentials and to-do tasks to keep you on toes in advance; before your partner arrives to take you away-

Few Months before the wedding –

To make sure there is no last minute running behind for appointments, arrange for an in-person meeting with –

  • Venue owners (A perfect venue leads you to the way for a perfect wedding)
  • Invitation cards (Choose an innovative design as it is a trailer of the big day)
  • Caterers (Yours guests will forgot who wore what, but they will never forget what was served)
  • Decorators (No doubts, decorations adds on to your beauty on stage)
  • Photographers, Musicians and DJ (They bring life into every moment)
  • Beautician and Hair Stylist (No girl would like to compromise ever on this, so hurry up girl)


A month before the wedding –


To cross check with the decisions made earlier it is highly important to –


  • Look out the condition of the venue
  • Go for a make-up and hair-do trial
  • List out the menu for the day
  • Send out invitation cards
  • Pack up the bride luggage (No, No!! it is not soon, you may see, this will end until the day before your wedding, hence, more the time more effective packing)


A week before the wedding-


  • Go for a relaxing spa and other skin treatments
  • Rehearse your dance steps for the sangeet
  • Do a trial in your wedding lengha
  • Get your cosmetics and jewelry tucked with their respective outfits.
  • Choose your sister/friend to be your shadow for the day.


A day before the wedding –


Delegate all the left /unattended work to someone reliable and get set go to become the most beautiful bride and live the most awaited day of your life!


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