How to Save Money on Your Wedding



Are you looking for ways to reduce your wedding cost without compromising on the elegance of your big day? While your wedding will certainly be one of the happiest days you experience, if you are planning a wedding for your kids or yourself, get your check book ready. Tying the knot comes at a premium price. If you are determined to keep the costs in check, here are some clever money-saving tips to keep yourself from going broke.


Trim the Guest List

Cut the guest list. Although you might be tempted to invite everyone you know, inviting fewer people will slash your costs while making your big day more intimate. This will make the biggest difference on your catering costs, invitations and your over-all bottom line. Remember that each guest gets an invitation, a catered meal, wedding favour, and drinks — this adds up.


Food & Drinks

Be smart, not stingy with the food and drinks. Alcohol and food are two of the most expensive parts of any wedding. You don’t need an open bar and a full catered dinner for your day to be magical. Instead of a formal plated dinner, make it casual with all you can eat finger food or your favourite local takeaway.

You can cut the drink cost by opting for a paid bar instead of an open one or provide a few signature drinks with beer during the reception. If you choose to provide the drinks it is cheaper to buy liquor by the head instead of paying by the drink. Also try to keep vendor staff to a minimum without sacrificing the speed of service for your guests.


Don’t Go Over Board with the Decor

Another area that can eat up a big chunk of the budget is the decor. Choose flowers that are in season for the bouquet and centre piece. Just ask your local florist what are the cheapest flowers that will be in season the month you’re getting married. If you’re really dying to have a certain flower but your floral budget is small, just limit this flower to your bouquet and the bridal table. You can even include non-floral elements, like lanterns or candles to your decor.


Be Flexible With the Date and Time

Another way to save is to schedule the wedding during the off-peak season. When there’s less competition, vendors are more willing to negotiate. While June and December are popular months for getting married, you will have more negotiating power January through March, as this period is usually slower, just don’t choose Valentine’s Day. The time of day that you hold the reception can make a big difference on the price too. A brunch or lunch reception is always cheaper than a sit-down dinner with champagne in the evening.


Buy Your Dress on Sale

For any bride, finding the perfect dress is the number one priority. If you’re strapped for cash, just rent the dress or find one on sale. Take a look at what the local stores in your area have to offer, you might be surprised at the gems you find. Remember, the perfect wedding dress doesn’t have to be the most expensive.

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