Explosion Of Dreams Photography

Explosion Of Dreams Photography

By Andrew

Sheffield Based Asian Wedding Photographer

I am a photographer who specializes in Asian Weddings, I can cover Sheffield and surrounding areas, Leicester, Birmingham and London.

I can customize my style to whether it is a Sikh, Hindu or Muslim wedding. I appreciate there will be moments special for you and sometimes celebrations can last several days. I provide an unique service whereby I will work with you to identify the timeline of events and be there for the most important moments.

Asian Weddings are one of the most exciting for me as a photographer as it allows me to create a variety of images, drawing up on my skills and experience to capture not just the bride and groom but also the atmosphere of the day.  I aim to capture the small details, which are often sentimental and the huge, elaborate displays of affection.

Please check out my wedding portfolio and wedding packages and then if you feel I am right for you, use the contact me page.


The Service I Can Provide:


Booking a wedding photographer is never an easy choice, one which you can spend many hours agonizing over, talking it over with your best mates and over-thinking.


You want a wedding photographer who will deliver what you want, it’s your wedding.


Let’s go over the service I can give to you.


Low Cost– you need a photographer who doesn’t cost the earth, is affordable and produces great  photos of your amazing wedding. I do not charge for my wedding photography as I do things in lieu of a charity donation. Check out my wedding packages page for more information on this.


Albums– You want your photos to be presented as a special day and something to be cherished, I can provide knowledge on this subject and save you money as an experienced photographer and go through options that are available out there for you.


Equipment & Insurance– I have a main camera and a backup as well as public liability insurance, so if unexpected things happen, I have reduced the risk.


Last Minute– I am available last minute, especially for photographers who have you let you down.


Asian Weddings– I love Asian Weddings and love the colours and the spectacles involved and because I am aware of the rituals and traditions, it means I can be in a great vantage point for your special moments. I can come to Yorkshire, Leicester, Birmingham or London


Carefully Curated & Edited Photos- I will make you or the subject the best I can,  I am very careful not to over edit an image. I tend to focus on the good aspects of a photo and bring them out or enhance them. Check out my portfolio to see what I can do.


Booking– Once I booked, I will make all efforts to attend and if I cannot for any reason, I will recommend photographers who can assist you.


Experience– I have photographed numerous subjects in my life as a photographer and worked in a variety of situations, please check out my portfolio. I have undertaken wedding photography training with Chris Chambers, a leading UK wedding photographer.


Booking me, means less stress for you, you save money, you’ll feel excited once your special photos are delivered and you’ll feel reassured.


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