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I am a wedding photographer based in South Yorkshire who can provide you with quality images for your traditional wedding or your Asian Wedding.

My name is Andrew Cliffe and I can cover your wedding with my photography.

I believe photos do the talking, so please take a look at my portfolio to see what I could create for you.   I love capturing the moment as best as possible, using the skills I know to make a scene come alive. I love capturing the raw emotions at an event. Whether this is a family day-out or a carnival parade.

If you like my portfolio, that’s great, if you don’t- that’s great also. ( Why? You ask) Well I am acutely aware not every photographer will be to your liking, you prefer a certain style and you won’t be happy until you find them. However if you do like my style, then absolutely fantastic as that is the first hurdle.


Please take a look at my wedding packages page which explains more about what I can provide to you.

I offer my wedding photography packages for free ( free?) Well Yes, I do not charge a fee but this is in lieu of a donation to a charity- specifically St Mungo’s- you can check out the page on my wedding packages which says more. I wanted to give something back and I love taking photographs, so both went hand-in-hand for me, I can do something I love and also give something back.

I specialize in Asian Weddings because I love the colours and rituals but that doesn’t stop me from photographing more traditional English Weddings.

I am a versatile photographer and in the future you’ll be seeing glimpses of my other work- such as landscapes and animals.